Meet Results: DCTS and MA

June 10, 2021

Week two has come with a fury. With rain at nearly every practice and with the potential of being rained out of both meets, we made it through.

Scoring wise, we were able to come away with two wins and had a great outing at both meets!

Thank you to our volunteers who have made our meets possible.

Next up, we will be traveling to Madison to take on H2O (or Hoosier Hogan Otters) in a dual meet. This meet is particularly important as it gives us our first look at the SEISA Championship pool. So, if you’re on the edge of attending, but plan to attend the championship meet, sign up!

Madison’s pool is a 6-lane 25-yard pool, and we’ll definitely be focusing in on flip-turns, relay exchanges and (everyone’s favorite) technique while we prep for our 25-yard pool contests next week.

Following the competition in Madison, we’ll head to Hidden Valley to take on the Gators.

Keep working hard BST, we’re already half-way through the practice schedule and after Monday we’ll be half-way through our dual meet schedule.

Updated Team Records

  • 10U 80 Free
    • Joan Strotman, 57.23 (Milan)
    • Previous: Katie Wanstratch, 2003
  • 18U 40 Fly
    • Sophie Taylor, 23.44 (Milan)
    • Previous: Samantha Freese, 2001
  • 14U 40 Back
    • Kyle Goodwin, 23.01 (DCTS)
    • Previous: Bryce Timonera, 2007
  • 14U 40 Breast
    • Kyle Goodwin, 26.67 (Milan)
    • Previous: Benjamin Moster, 2018
  • 18U 40 Breast
    • Benjamin Moster, 25.35 (DCTS)
    • Previous: Benjamin Moster, 2019
  • 18U 40 Fly
    • Will Johnson, 20.82 (Milan)
    • Previous: Bryce Timonera, 2007



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