Inclement weather procedures

June 2, 2021
Practice Cancelled

Wow, what a first day of practice.

We’ve officially hit 100 swimmers registered for the Batesville Swim Team and you could see the excitement on deck today. Yes, it was mainly from Coach Greg, Kat and Sydney, but we could all tell how excited and nervous our swimmers were.

Rainy Day Procedures

As we head toward the finish line of day one and towards a potentially rainy day two (and three), we wanted to outline our weather guidelines and procedures:

  1. On rainy days, we will still have practice. However, common sense rules apply. If you don’t want to be in the rain or have your swimmer in the rain. Stay home.
    1. We will allow athletes to place bags, towels and other items in/around the covered area of the storage room to keep what we can dry
    2. Parents should stay in their vehicle or bring umbrellas/raincoats to observe practice(s).
  2. If there is an active thunderstorm during the start of your practice group, practice is cancelled. There’s no need to wait or reach out to double check. If you hear thunder, or see lightning, stay home.
  3. Updates will be posted at the TOP of the website in bold colors. We will also post to our Facebook and Instagram pages and stories.
  4. An email will be sent when the decision is made. If we missed someone, please relay the message! Share with your carpool, etc.
  5. And finally, If you’re unsure, ask.

Severe/Thunderstorms During Practice

If severe or inclement weather rolls in while we are actively practicing we will:

  • Follow all procedures and guidelines outlined by the staff at Batesville Memorial Pool (BMP) including, but not limited to:
    • Exiting the water
    • Finding appropriate shelter
    • Cancel practice and send out a notice as soon as we make this decision
  • BMP has a lightning detector that will indicate when it is or is not safe to reenter the water. In all cases we will either use a 30-minute “wait and see” or utilize the lightning detector to make all decisions.
  • Once the cancellation decision is made, it is final. Practice will not be resumed once swimmers are sent home.



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