Training Groups

Batesville Swim Team has multiple training groups to meet your swimmers needs.


Requirements: High School age, or invited by coaching staff. Should know and compete in all four competitive strokes without any stroke disqualifications. Must be able to know how to run a workout semi-independently.

Age Range: 14 and over

Note: Athletes may not be over the age of 18 prior to the league cut-off date (generally May 15).

Volunteer requirement: Commitment to at least 1-day per week helping the non-competitive and/or Bronze level swimmers as an in-water coach.

Group Goals: Demonstrated skill of all competitive strokes, starts and turns. Continued preparation for high school athletics and mastery of all strokes. Development of team leadership skills.

Commitment: 90 Minute workouts + basic dryland. Attendance at all meets.

Practice Schedule: Monday – Friday: 7:30-9:00am + Bronze/Pre-Competitive assistance.


Requirements: Legal in all 4 competitive strokes, starts and turns. Able to read a clock for workouts. Ready to compete in the IM.

Age Range: 11-14

Group Goals: Advanced development of all strokes and turns. Additional preparation for the IM, introduction to team leadership. Emphasis on stroke development, kick development and aerobic endurance with additional yardage at workouts.

Commitment: 60 Minute workouts + basic dryland. Attendance at all meets.

Practice Schedule: Monday – Friday: 7:30-8:30am


Group Requirements: Legal in 50 (40) and 100 (80) Free and Back. Competition ready in all Freestyle and Backstroke Events. Understanding of starts and turns. Basic understanding of Butterfly and Breaststroke.

Age Range: 9-12

Group Goals: Starts off the block with head-first entry. Legal flip-turns in backstroke events. Development of a legal Breaststroke and Butterfly.

Commitment: 45 Minute workouts + basic dryland. Home and conference meet attendance. Away meets encouraged.

Practice Schedule: Monday – Friday: 8:30-9:15am.


Group Requirements Ability to swim a 25 Freestyle and Backstroke without assistance (lane line, wall, or in-water help) or additional encouragement (parent/coach).

Age Range: 6-10

Group Goals: Joy of participation. Basic swim skill development for Freestyle and Backstroke. Butterfly and Breaststroke will be introduced.

Commitment: 30 minute workouts. Home meet attendance. Conference meet for those showing commitment and capacity to race at a higher level. Away meets encouraged.

Practice Schedule: Monday – Friday: 9:00-9:30am



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