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Swim meets can be long, often 3 - 4 hours, so make sure you pack appropriate items for yourself and your swimmers. Below are some suggested items to bring to meets.

        Although most places have a concession stand, you may want to pack a nutritious small

        dinner, snack, and water for you and your swimmers.

        There is often considerable time between events for your swimmer. They may want to bring

        a form of entertainment. However, keep in mind, your swimmer is responsible for anything

        lost or damaged during a meet. Meets are very social, fun, and wet. It may be a good idea

        to leave electronics at home.

        Umbrella or tent for shade. The swimmers will NOT be in a shaded area for home meets.

        Blanket or extra towels for your swimmer to sit on.

        Extra hair ties for girls.

        Extra goggles and cap.

        Sunscreen and bug spray for outdoor meets.

        Some swimmers wear flip flops when they are not swimming.

        Permanent or surgical marker to write event information on your swimmer’s arm.

        There is not always enough seating. Lawn chairs are a good idea.

We recommend writing your swimmer’s name on all items they bring to the meet.

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What to Pack for Meets