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Training Swimmers.

    Building Character.


Our team competes in several dual meets and one all conference meet at the end of the season. Ribbons are awarded for each event at dual meets, and medals are awarded for the top six swimmers at conference. In addition, swimmers may earn one of three trophies awarded by our team. These trophies are given to boys and girls in each age group.

**  1st Place High Point Trophy  **

**  2nd Place High Point Trophy  **

**  Swim Team HUSTLE Trophy  **

Each time our swimmers compete in an event, they earn the following number of points for our team:

Individual Events:    1st = 7   ;   2nd = 5   ;   3rd = 4   ;   4th = 3   ;   5th = 2   ;   6th = 1

Relay Events:          1st = 8   ;   2nd = 4   ;   3rd = 2

When swimmers earn points, they are accumulated automatically in our timing system. The swimmers who earn the highest number of points throughout the season will earn the High Point Trophies.

Our HUSTLE Trophy will be awarded to swimmers who demonstrate a strong commitment to our team through their willingness to show up, to work hard, to improve, to help out, and to encourage others.

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